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Advanced structure design of mobile aerial work vehicle

Mobile aerial work vehicle product covers mobility aerial equipment products, today Anson mainly introduce four double lever arm synchronization distraction structure, here're the info about this structure.
Mobile Aerial Work Vehicle Part

Four aerial vehicles double lever arm synchronization stretched structure characterized manifestations:
①, Rotary table is driven via slewing bearing and chassis;
②, Four-pole double-arm stretched structure is connected by synchronizing with rotary table axis articulated;
③, Working arm with double four-bar hinge arm structure synchronization distraction; work bucket and arm connection; connection body by connecting shaft connecting the four arms and upper lever arm;
④, Lower four lever arm is connected by a hinge connecting shaft in a fixed turntable;
⑤, Brace cylinders are connected to the upper arm and the lower four-bar lever arm;
⑥, Interlocking rods are connected to the upper arm and the lower four-bar lever arm articulated;
⑦, The body is holding up different parts by connecting the shaft connecting the two four lever arm on the lever arm and the lower hinge point four dimensions congruent, and form a double four-bar structure.

Aerial work vehicles double four arms stretched structure synchronization can be achieved by the two groups of four institutions that are synchronized linkage driven single pivot rises, you can share a power source to enhance the speed at the same time, it has the advantages of simplified structure, easy and safe to operate and other stable features.
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