Rough terrain scissor lifts

Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts Platform for Sale

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Performance of Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts:

  • Completely conquer the complex terrain,maximize productivity.
  • Large work platform.
  • With maximum 6.57×1.83m of operating platform,it will be the preferred choice for workers to lift materials and tools.
  • Self-leaving jack large loading capacity.
  • 680kg loading capacity fully meets the requirement of aircraft maintenance,building construction,etc. Just activate the self-leveling control switch,you can cope with the uneven ground conditions.
  • The angles of lateral adjustment will less than 5 degree,the angle of forward-backward adjustment will less than 4 degree and you will reach a precise self-leveling.
  • Solid rough terrain tire.
  • Heavy-duty and solid tires are equipped on GTJN 13 to make movement more stable,secure,and durable.

Technical Parameters of Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts

Platform Capacity 680kg
Platform Extension Capacity 227kg
Working Height 15m
Platform Height 13m
Overall Height-A 2.98m
Overall Width-B 2.27m
Overall Length-C 4.88m
Ground Clearance-D 0.22m
Guardrail Height-E 1.14m
Platform Height Without Guardrails-F 1.84m
Platform Extension Length-G 1.30m
Overall Height(Folded Guardrails) 2.28m
Platform Dimensions(L×W) 3.98×1.83m
Weight 7800kg
Wheelbase 2.86m
Lift-up Speed 70s
Lift-down Speed 52s
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside) 2.35m/5.20m
Drive Speed(Platform Lowered) 6.1km/h
Drive Speed(Platform Elevated) 1.1km/h
Grade-ability 40%
Maximum Tilt
Solid Tires 33×12-20
Power Source
Hydraulic Tank 130L
Diesel Tank 100L
Perkings Engine 38kw/3000rpm

Features of Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts:Small Scissor Lifts

  • Roll-out double extension platform provides more workspace
  • Platform size 6.57m×1.83m
  • Folding guardrails make it easy to maneuver through doorways,and throughout other height-restricted areas
  • Self-leaving hydraulic outriggers
  • Rough terrain capabilities with 40% grade-ability, drivers can work on the rough surface
  • Tube protection package to prevent accident,reduce replacing cost
  • Slide out engine tray for easy maintenance access
  • Slide-out battery trays facilitate servicing
  • On-board diagnostics help operators trouble shooting and make adjustments in the field to maximize uptime

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