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Water and grease oil used for aerial lift vehicle engine

For aerial lift vehicle engine, oil and water are the key in maintenance of egnine. Oil is the blood of aerial vehicles, while water in the tank to aerial lift vehicle is like water to the human body, the appropriateness of the level of the water temperature directly affects the state of the engine, the oil has a direct impact on the degree of lubrication in the engine.
Aerial Lift Vehicle Engine

Aerial lift vehicle engine must conduct regular inspection and replacement of water and oil. If the engine oil is not taken care on time, users would open the engine and find a lot of thick greasy like asphalt. Due to grease oil is not changed frequently, deterioration and oxidation, or occasionally it is caused be low quality oil. Wherein the antioxidant added is not sufficient, the adhesion of the resulting oily engine, forming a "Oil calcium", causing severe wear to engine, the engine is easy to stop working once lose the lubrication effect. It is best to do specified maintenance and repair on time according to the info from aerial lift vehicle manufacturer.

Typically, water check is due for 3 or 4 months, since aerial lift vehicle engine temperature is higher in summer, so aerial water tank is easy to evaporate, different driving conditions have different water level changes, as a aerial lift driver it must always be concerned about changes in their water level of the lift, don’t wait until vehicle maintenance approach.

The best water is distilled water, which is the so-called "soft water." This is because the distilled water contained in the small calcifications, calcifications in the high temperature conditions of the engine is easily attached to the surface of the waterway, when high temperature occurs, the engine will follow the cylinder gradually corroded, and can cause serious engine drain seepage to aerial vehicles, as well as many other conditions may affect the normal operation of the engine in a bad way.
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Water and grease oil used for aerial lift vehicle engine
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