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Hydraulic system history of articulated boom lifts for sale

Hydraulic system has been used vastly on articulated boom lift, it has greatly improved the working stability and accuracy of the lifting work. The same as other advanced technology, hydraulic system has its own history, if you have learned about its develop history, the working principle and other related technique would not be difficult to understand.
For the control of force and movement direction difference, there are hydraulic servo control system and hydraulic transmission system. The former one is a self-control system, the other one is designed with switch control and ratio control.
Articulated Boom Lift For Sale

Hydraulic system history of articulated boom lifts for sale started from 18th century, the first hydraulic press was invented in British at 1795, until the last century in the 60s, with atomic energy, space technology, and electronic technology development, hydraulic system has gone through various deep combinations with other machines, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, articulated boom lifts and so on.
In recent years, from the perspective of hydraulic system development trend, it can be told that higher pressure, higher integration, capacity, longer service life, lower noise has become the research goals. Computer assistant design and calculation has accelerated the hydraulic development. For now, hydraulic system is not only used in the mechanic control and booster device, but also the rotation speed control, fuel supply control of the engine, vehicle turning system, suspension and braking system.
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