Truck scissor lifts

Truck Scissor Lifts Platform for Sale

Scissor Lifts for Sale Truck-Mounted Scissor Lifts

Features of Truck Scissor Lift Platform

  • Structure:

The scissor lift arm apply the 150 * 300 high strength rectangular pipe that produced by Jinan group, the characteristics is  high strength, good stability, light weight. Lifting platform is made up of 8 mm riffled plate and the cold-formed steel as main framework. The bottom shelf use 22 # U steel, pin shaft used in the rotating part of the bracket with conditioning treatment that improve both the surface hardness and mechanics performance index, the most important is increase service life of the platform.

  •  The hydraulic system:

The lifting machine with 4 pieces of Oil cylinder produced by Anson, its quality is reliable and durable; Lifting oil cylinder adopt tilted method on the installation of equipment, effectively avoid the shaking caused by the vertical installation. Hydraulic system is integrating pumping station, with check valve, relief valve, solenoid valve integrated as a whole, not only guarantee performance but also makes it more compact structure, effectively reduce leak; what’s more, it equipped with the cut-off valve can make the platform still fall down  in the case of outside power outage ; Seal element is Japan original installation import "NOK" seal.

  • The electrical system:

Main advantage on electrical system has the following points: (1) the control voltage for the safe voltage, protection for personal safety; (2) in the control, interlock function, effectively avoid the man-made wrong operation; (3) the abrupt stop button, can make the operator easy to cope with emergency. (4), a down time delay device to prevent the electromagnetic valve is burned.

Technical Parameters of  Truck Scissor Lift Platform

Item Model Remark
Platform Size 2090*4300mm  
Pallets 8mm Riffled Plate  
Platform Capacity 3000kg  
Lifting Height 15000mm  
Lifting Speed 3-4m/min  
Scissor Aarms 150*300*10 Rectagular Steel Tube High strength and rectangular tube
Bottom Shelves 22#U-Steel  
The Pole Set Ø80*12 Seamless Tube  
Sleeve Spindle SF-2Maintenance free copper sleeve  
Fulcrum Pin 60cr Alloy Steel  
Hoist Cylinder 140 Cylinder/4 Fine grinding special-purpose hydraulic oil cylinder
Seal Ring 140/4 To prevent oil leakage
Hydraulic Tube 2SN-12-53MPa Double high pressure hydraulic oil tube
Surface Treatment Spraying Antirust Paint, Paint Arbitrary or color specified by the customer
Hydraulic Pump 380v/15.0kw With emergency valve
Control Method DC24V Button to control the electromagnetic reversing valve and so on (or specified by the client
Control System Electromagnetic Valve, Electromagnetic Reversing Valve ac Contactor, etc  
Electrics Button, Switch, etc Domestic famous brand
Guard Rail 30 Square Tube height 700mm
Guide Rail 12#I-Shaped Steel 4 pieces

Safety Measures:

  • The elevator set two travel switch at the lowest and highest point , when the elevator reached where we are going to need, will automatically stop
  • The device is equipped with cylinder self-protection measures, the bottom is equipped with drainage holes in the cylinder in case two  switch failure at the same time, beyond the limit of height, the oil cylinder will automatic drainage, will not lead to a plunger rushed out of the cylinder.


  • China construction machinery industry association member;
  • The People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license; Number: TS2437431-2016;
  • Special equipment installation modification maintenance license of the People's Republic of China; Number: TS3437376-2016;
  • PICC, China people's insurance company product liability insurance;
  • Our factory production of the lift platform in full through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, awarded the Shandong Jinan name brand.

After sales service:

My company product provide free warranty for a year, after equipment put into use, regularly sent for testing, maintenance. After the warranty, provide lifelong service, replacement charge according to the purchase price.

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