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Features of Electric Boom Lifts

  • Self-lubricating axle pin
  • Proportional control system
  • Foam filled tired
  • All motion alarm
  • Battery condition indicator
  • 3°tilt alarm and platform of overload warning system
  • Elevate bracket
  • Foot-switch linked and joystick control
  • Lockable platform control cover

Technical Parameters of Electric Boom Lifts

Platform Capacity 227kg
Working Height 15.7m
Platform Height 13.7m
Overall Length 5.54m
Maximum Horizontal Extension 7.4m
Overall Width 1.75m
overall height 1.99m
Platform Dimensions(L×W×H) 1.52×0.77×1.22m
Wheel Base 2m
Ground Clearance 0.2m
Lift-up Speed 65±5s
Lift-down Speed 47±5s
Weight 6400kg±30kg
Platform Rotation 160°
Turntable Rotation 355°
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside) 0.7m/3.23m
Drive Speed(Stowed) 0-5.2km/h
Drive Speed(Extended) 0-0.8km/h
Grade-ability 30%
Maximum Tilt
Maximum Mind Speed 12.5m/s
Maximum Noise 82dB(A)
Maximum Lateral Force 400N
Rough Terrain Solid Tire 250-15
Power Source
Battery 8×6V,280Ah
Control Voltage 48VDC

Performance of Boom Lifts Platform

  • Precise maneuverability and solution for accessing narrow space.
  • Maneuverability in narrow space.
  • GTZD series contain several compact models which allow you to operate the machine in limited space. With narrow design and zero-radius turning system,barriers can be easily passed, more space left for running machine.
  • With well-designed control system,you can precisely and smoothly operate GTZD series lifts. Multi-motion control allows you to operate several actions simultaneously.


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