Services of Electric Scissor Lifts

We have senior engineers and former professors on our technical consultant team to direct the entire process of each scissor lifting platforms. A sophisticated working environment with advanced software has enhanced our equipment for a more scientific and professional workflow. Manufacturing our own platforms allows us to control the supply of our advanced scissor lifts for increased predictability and compatibility.

Anson establishes independent files for each client and establishes special project teams according each client’s conditions. These teams then design the proposal for the client as soon as possible. Each project is specifically engineered to meet local conditions, quality standards and environmental requirements. Just to ensure that your team has no problem maintaining the constant operation of the lifting platforms, we are always available for assistance. In addition to occasional 'trouble-shooting' visits, which can be arranged to monitor progress or advise on possible expansion plans or improvements, we can easily arrange for the provision of spare parts if required when essential plant maintenance is scheduled.

  • During warranty period, if something is wrong with the scissor lifts quality due to product material, design and manufacture we will provide free maintenance and parts for replacement.
  • Given that some of the customers may be beginners, we will tailor an equipment maintenance scheme according to your actual demand.
  • So that the machine efficiency can be largely increased, the service life of the machine can be lengthened and your business risk can also be greatly reduced.

If you have the problem with the scissor lifts platforms ,you can contact with the email,we will reply as soon as possible.

Also you need to pay attention to the Warranty Policy.

We hereby warrant each new product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.

We will replace defective parts or components without charge, transportation charges shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. We reserve the rights of requiring the purchaser to return the defective products or parts to our factory for inspection.


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