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Classification of aerial platform lift products-part two

How to choose the right aerial platform lift for your specific use? The main factors you need to consider are: height request, lift weight capacity, working efficiency and fuel cost. Here’re the introductions of crank-type aerial platform lift, self-propelled aerial platform lift and aluminum aerial platform lift.

Crank-type aerial platform lift is developed for complicated working area. The telescopic boom structure makes its work more flexible-it could work in different location without moving to another place. In other words: it has larger working area. Crank aerial platform lift could be used in shipyard and fire operation vehicles where requires high height work.

Aerial Platform Lift Products

Aerial platform lift could bear 1-2 people’s weight, there’s only one disadvantage-its high price. A standard set crank platform lift has bus intelligent control system, proportional control function, emergency pumps, horn, working chronograph display, tilt alarm, 360° non-continuous turntable rotation control, automatic leveling control, circuit fault code display, etc.

Self-propelled aerial platform lift has the ability to move and turn without manual traction and external power, one man could operate and realize the forward, backward, rising and falling actions. Its speed is adjustable. It is vastly used in airport terminals, stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, industry workshops.

This is the aerial platform lift product classification part two provided by Tianjin Anson. If you don’t know what kind of lifting equipment to choose, send an email to us now!

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