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Automatic leveling system of self-propelled boom lifts

The rapid development of hydraulic technology provides China the technical base for the aerial cage’s development and research, although the developing level of the aerial cage in China is not high, the market need is getting larger day by day, and it is similar circumstances in foreign countries. In this case study, a great detailed design method of self-propelled boom lift will be presented to you, it is developed according to the hydraulic system design which perfectly applied to multiple models of aerial lifting platforms; the varying range cylinder system controlled by compound electro-hydraulic proportional valve and the mathematic model.

Self Propelled Boom Scissor lift

Automatic leveling working principle:

For self propelled boom lift, there are 4 types of automatic leveling ways: gravity balance, mechanic balance, electro hydraulic leveling and hydraulic balance.
Gravity balance: When the boom swings, the gravity of the platform and the load is always to the vertically downward, it is with simple design, less cost, but the leveling performance is not always good.

Mechanic balance: there are 4 rod leveling, steel rope leveling, and chain leveling methods to choose.

Electro hydraulic leveling: the electronic system collects the leveling error data directly, and realizes the leveling function with the help of signal amplifying device and hydraulic control system.

Hydraulic balance: the hydraulic system of self-propelled boom lift relies on the upper and downer hydro-cylinder, the balance of work platform is kept in 4 rod leveling method.

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