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Avoid hydraulic system fail in cherry picker design

In the cherry picker design, the engineer would consider many aspects, such as when the hydraulic system fails, the cause may be a power failure, or the hydraulic system or electrical failure, they could all lead to shut down of the engine.

Telescopic Boom Cherry Picker

( 1 ) when a failure occurs to the hydraulic system of cherry picker, the following consequences may be caused: the first one is hydraulic system failure, due to the fact of the complexity of this system in the cherry picker structure, and the number of rows structure, in which the tube length may be more than 10 m. Hose fittings and table movement and the continuous movement is bent so that a rupture of the pipeline system and the hydraulic system leak fault is in the form of the second valve system failure during operation, and the forced failure will cause the system to stop running. Shut down is also the case in the hydraulic system of an electrical fault under normal circumstances, since the hydraulic system is an electrical system failure (including failure of the control system) that lead to the sudden stop of the system, it’s more likely to occur during normal working hours.

( 2 )Technical requirements of cherry picker are made according to the analysis above, in the hydraulic system, the cherry picker design made some specific technical requirements. When the hydraulic system failure occurs, the hydraulic circuit used in the design and requirements of rigid pipe should be made highly, and ensure the hose doesn’t go wrong in the using, reduce the possibility of rupture of the pipe system caused by leakage and hydraulic system failure.
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