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Control pollution of scissor lift platform hydraulic system

In the design of the hydraulic system of scissor lift platform, how to choose the adaptive components will affect the maintenance work of the lift product, first  the changes in circumstances pollutants should be considered to determine cleanliness level system. Filter is the most effective method for removing solid contaminants in hydraulic oil, and also the key pollution control. Hydraulic system configuration filters must achieve three functions: to prevent particulate contamination caused by chips or other components stuck, scratches, and other damage accidents clogging provide protective filter; control the hydraulic oil pollution be at the tolerate levels; provide anti-abrasion protection.

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To this end, different precision standard filters are installed in the pump inlet, considering both the characteristics of the oil filter differential pressure to the system and small pressure loss. The selection of high-precision oil filter allows the system to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Optional filters must be reliable, durable, long service life, and have a screen device, easy to clean and so on. It would be the best to use the steel made hydraulic tubing, it has the features of high pressure, small deformation, corrosion resistance, easy assembly bent and low price.

In places where the rubber tubing is the only choice, such as tubing connected to a relative movement between the components, the sealing element must match with the hydraulic fluid system, to avoid the formation of internal pollution. Mineral-based hydraulic oil is normally the best choice for aerial scissor lift platform.
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