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Control valve-self-propelled scissor lifts manufacturer

Hydraulic system is the key design for a self-propelled scissor lifts manufacturer, and it should be selected due to the standard hydraulic control components as much as possible, hydraulic control components are primarily selected on the basis of the maximum valve working pressure where the oil and the actual flow through(maximum value), the pressure control valve, flow control valve are chosen based on the following principles provided by Anson-a self-propelled scissor lifts manufacturer in China.

Self Propelled Lift Top Manufacturer Anson

Directional control valve selection principles are as follows:

Pressure: the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system should be less than the rated pressure valve
Traffic: Traffic flow through the directional control valve does not exceed the maximum flow.
Slide valve function: the function of the valve spool in the form of bits of the path.
Manipulation mode: Choose the appropriate manipulation method, such as manual, electric, hydraulic, etc.
The directional control valve in the system is the main solenoid valve, achieve the passage of the on-off with the valve in different positions.

Flow control valve selection principles are as follows:

Rated pressure changes with the valve system pressure.
Flow: the flow current through the flow control valve should be less than the rated amount.
Measuring range: flow adjustment range of flow control valve should be larger than the flow range of system requirements, pay special attention when choosing the throttle and governor valves, minimum stable flow of the selected actuator valve shall meet the minimum steady speed requirements.
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