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Does low temperature affect aerial work platform working

For new user of aerial work platforms, if you use it carelessly, it might cause wear progress goes much faster than it should be. For example, due to the temperature changes, in some areas the temperature change would be so large, if the temperature is too low in many parts of the working area, in order to make use of the aerial lift with convenience and no trouble, the design and material used to manufacture aerial work platforms has to meet the standard at low temperatures, so that normal reliable operation could be achieved, and therefore manufacturer should focus on solving the following problems:
Propelled Aerial Truck Work Platform

Brittle fracture to aerial work platform is caused by low temperature, Brittle fracture is affected by the combined effect of low temperature materials, design and workmanship. When the temperature is increased to reduce the yield point, fracture toughness decreases, the yield strength increases and so is the ductility ratio, the toughness of the plastic deformation of the front and the rear from the starting crack makes crack growth resistance is reduced, resulting in brittle parts increasing trend; sectional design mutations occur, the force and strain concentration, gap, multi tensile stress state, etc.; weld cracking process occurs, lack of fusion, the deterioration of the microstructure, the tensile residual force.

Aerial lift platform is made of metal, although metal has high hardness, it could be fragile when the temperature changes too fast, so Anson suggest you to take some special measures to prevent further damage before it's too late.
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