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Electric scissor lift operation procedures

Tianjin Anson International Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of electric scissor lifts in China. The scissor lift has its own operational procedures, and here is one version provided by Anson company. There are self-propelled scissor lifts, rough-terrain scissor lifts and self-propelled boom lifts as well as truck scissor lifts for your choice. Here are 7 tips for you to operate electric scissor lifts effectively.

How to Operate Electric Scissor Lift

  • For safety issues, electric scissor lift shall only be operated by man who passed through the professional training.
  • Rubber pad shall be located in the right position, larger contact area between the pad and the floor could provide larger supporting power to the electric scissor lift.
  • Power on, open the intake valve and check if the scissor lift is at the lowest height level.  
  • Make sure there’s no people or any obstacles around the lift before operating scissor lift, check if both the 2 sides goes up simultaneously.
  • Turn on the lift switch, then wait until it has reached to the height of 20-30 cm. Press the insurance button to make the insurance jaw and teeth are completely engaged.
  • Check if the skits or pads under the lift are in the right place. If so, process the second lift, and if not, adjust the position of the skits or pads.
  • Before the lift goes down, check again there’s no people or obstacles around, turn on the rising up switch, open the insurance lock, press the down button, and when the lift is at the lowest height, drive it out of the working area.
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