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How do you make use of aerial work platforms better

Aerial work platforms is also called working platform, is available for transport, stacking materials, machinery, equipment and construction personnel to operate, with a significance that can be operated with up to when the tower crane erection.

Aerial work platform is made of steel trusses or beams and decking components. Truss supported on the lift frame uprights, or by the upper and lower support bracket enclosure, shall be provided between the horizontal truss and the vertical supports to ensure that the platform has sufficient strength, rigidity and stability.

Rough Terrain Aerial Scissor Lift

Aerial work platforms outside of the building using a tripod and composition with cantilevered decking. Cantilevered tripod with steel production, fixed on the lift frame uprights or enclosure. Platform width is generally 0.8-1.0 m.

Aerial platform plank top surface elevation should not fall below the template catchy, catchy generally flush with the template, when aerial work platform is small, or materials, equipment is difficult to be stacked on it , it is also viable to add auxiliary platform on the erection of an aerial work platform layer. Use the added part as an auxiliary materials stack platform, aerial work platforms are only used in the pouring of concrete, steel banding and other operations.
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