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How operating scissor lift height affects safety measure

Under the same working conditions, operating scissor lift height is a figure for taking necessary safety measures, higher the altitude is, the more seriously injury would cause by the accident fall, on one hand it can be directly concluded from the analysis of the accident, on the other hand, from a mechanical point of analysis, the human body falls during exercise is affected by gravity, the initial velocity of the ground when it crashed with the increase when the height increases. Therefore, in accordance with the height of the high operating into 2-5 m,5 - four regions 15 m.15-30 m and 30 m or more.

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1. 2-5 m height operating
Height of 2-5 m high places, because it is not too high. Insecurity caused by highly could more easily be solved through various measures chaotic, so accidents caused in this height range are mostly minor injuries.

2. 5-15 m height operating
Height degree of 5-15 m, the greater the likelihood of the occurrence of injuries, so the 15 m is always made as a standard of cutoff point.

3. 15-30 m height operating
Operating height of 15-30 m when the accident occurred, it is basically fatal accident.

4. 30 m above height operating
30 m height above, the accident from the injury severity, the off than 15-30 m high operating more serious. When the "high danger of causing reaches an extreme (referring to the most dangerous condition), there’s no need to be further divided.
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