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Hydraulic cylinder used in rough terrain scissor lift design

The hydraulic cylinder type used in rough terrain scissor lift design has multiple selections theoretically, here is analyze of hydraulic cylinder, the liquid flow pressure is the input and the output is the power in a straight direction. It is featured with simple structure, good reliability, and it is widely used in various industrial sectors.

In order to meet the various requirements of different types of mechanical hydraulic cylinders, it has developed into a  number of different types. Hydraulic cylinder can be divided into general and special-type. The generic structure typical hydraulic cylinder has three structural forms:

Rough Terrain Scissorlift Hydraulic Design

Rod hydraulic cylinder for rough terrain scissorlift design:
Front and rear cover and cylinder with four (square cap) or six (round cap) connected with lever, the front and rear cover is either in square shape, rectangular shape or round shape. Cylinder tube should choose high-precision cold drawn steel provided by tube plant, cut according to the size of the stroke length of the corresponding form, in general conditions the inner surface of the tube doesn’t need fine machining processing (or just for finishing) to achieve the working requirements. The main parts of the end caps and pistons, etc. are regular parts. Therefore, hydraulic cylinder rod structure of scissorlift design has the advantages of simple, easy disassembly, a high degree of commonality of parts, lower manufacturing costs, suitable for mass production. However, it is limited by the stroke length of the cylinder inside diameter and rated pressure.

Welded type hydraulic cylinders:
Cylinder and the rear cover is welded together, cylinder and head cover could be connected in the following ways: internal thread, the snap ring, external thread, external snap ring, flange, wire ring and other forms.

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