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Why should you choose hydraulic scissor lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts are relatively more popular than the other type lifting equipments, for all kinds of advantages. Hydraulic drive means using the hydraulic pressure as the transfer media of the force: hydraulic pump transfers the force of engine into pressure force of hydraulic media, and with the control panel, hydraulic cylinder and motor to transfer the hydraulic force into mechanic force.

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts Advantages

Hydraulic scissor lift feature:

Operating hydraulic scissor lift is simple and easy; it could realize the unlimited speed adjustment, even in moving state, and it simplifies the scissor lift structure. With less parts and full of oil liquid in the structure, the parts are not that easy to worn, which means longer service life. Overload protection effect is better, the working state is more stable.The light weight, small inertia makes it easier in emergency start, braking, frequent commutation.

It also has disadvantages like oil liquid leak, mechanic power loss, pressure loss, so it’s not suitable for long distance transmission. Oil liquid is sensitive to temperature, and it has to work in a certain temperature range, and the oil shall not be contaminated. It has to be powered with the hydraulic pump within a short distance, hydraulic components need to be made with high precision, high cost, so it has to be produced in organized professional factories.

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