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Industrial autolift design introduction from Tianjin Anson

In order the meet the requirements of working devices of turn-tables in the following series type, this is a introduction of the industrial autolift design and analysis for slewing mechanism of lifting machines. The aerial work platforms'  main parts are: hydraulic-drive motors,speed reducers, revolving pinions, etc. Once the turn-table is slewed, the hydraulic-drive motor would  transmit and power is transferred that enable pinions on the shaft at output  to activate; pinions and ring gear are meshed together on slewing bearings. Considering the rigid connection of the ring gear  and the chassis, turn-tables were rotated with the help of rotary speed reducer part. Gear plan for slewing mechanism of aerial lifting platform and better turn-table design were made.

Industrial Autolift Manufactured in Anson

Gear plans transmission for slewing mechanism of aerial lifting machines were created on the basis that  four-point, single-row contact ball slewing bearing are bind together. This type of bearing has so many advantages, which are used in small and medium scale cranes, the biggest one is that it can bear axial force, radial force and compound moment all together. Anti type π were configured and applied in turn-table design, for example there were two high strength plates in tandem, including two supporting plates and two stiffened panels. Turn tables modeling and simulation were done using PRO/E. The standard model was transformed and analyzed by Finite Element Analysis software. Usually, deformation and stress at the contact area were analyzed fully to improve the industrial autolift design.
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