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Mobile scissor lifts development history

Mobile scissor lift has more than 70 years history. The first mobile scissor lift was created in 1925 in America, and it was designed with pneumatic controlling system with single post. With low air pressure and large cylinder, and sealed with leather, the bouncing phenomenon was very serious and the stability of the lift was a big problem. It has not used in other countries until 10 years later. It has not used in other countries until 10 years later.

In1966, 2-post mobile scissor lift was developed in Germany. 2-post design is a big technical break through, and it was promoted to other countries after another 11 years. Compared with the 4-post design, 2-post design has its pros and cons. Here is a brief introduction:

Mobile Scissor Lifts History

The fixed installation is adopted in most lift equipments and the single post scissor lift has 2 advantages:

It does not become an obstacle when the plate form is down, and vehicles could rotate on the lift. The disadvantage are: it has to be installed in a big pit in the ground; its hard to getting close to some major inspection areas; fuel tank could position is close or under the ground, it’s easy to get rusty, especially when the water table is high.

Double post scissor lift features are: almost every part of the vehicle bottom could be reached easily; no extra lifting processes needed when removing the wheels from the vehicle; weight bearing parts are easy to wear due to weight created by load and lift arm.

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