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Tips of dealing with rainwater for aerial work platform buye

If you have bought an aerial work platform recently, handle the rain water on the platform is a work you should do from time to time, it’s getting warmer and the rainy days will come, although the aerial work platform is made to be anti-water, keeping the aerial platforms in good state, and avoid the rainwater to cause erosion is the right call. As a matter of fact, many vehicles could experience the rain, here we teach you how to avoid the loss, and take special measures to your aerial work platforms:

Aerial Work Platform Light Work

1, when the aerial work platform is doing wading works, flameout may occur, you should immediately turn off the ignition switch, do not try to restart the engine, aerial work platforms should be moved to a safe place, try to keep the front of the vehicle from high to low, it will lead water from the exhaust pipe outflow to prevent damage to components.

2, if water enters the inside of the engine, immediately removed the spark plug artificially and intercepting fuel supply to the engine system in the engine combustion system, the water will be discharged from the engine smoothly.

3, if the water get into the inside of aerial work platform, the main work is clean the water inside, the lower half of the chassis aerial platform has several seal stopper position, take off the plastic blocking and release water. However, due to the plastic blanket has strong absorbent characteristic, it should be removed immediately, or placed in an open field to make it dry.

The 3 points above are the treatments of aerial work platforms rainwater problem, but the best preventive measure is still slow the speed when encounter puddles to prevent a stall condition, and avoid work in rainy days, and your aerial work platform is parked in a good place, rainwater is less likely to be able to do any damage.
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