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Truck mounted aerial platforms used in aerial cleaning

Aerial work of cleaning company is difficult and dangerous, but they are also substantial income business projects, for a tall building, long time of exposed to the open wind and rain, no cleaning is not only in a timely manner in order to avoid or reduce cleaning facades surface damage.

First, aerial cleaning way
Currently there are two main ways to clean facades: boatswain mode and window cleaning methods. Here Anson introduces to you about the empty operating and disadvantages of this approach, if we can use the truck mounted aerial platforms to do it, the safety level will be increased a lot, the aerial cleaning operation will be more convenient.
Boatswain way is to use slings, lifting plate to the working people hanging position for cleaning. This method is relatively simple, low cost, as long as the workers is in good physical condition, and the rope can be securely connected, general building can be cleaned in this way, but in this way of operation the security measures must be done with no mistake, otherwise it becomes dangerous, resulting in deaths and injuries are caused due to the security measures in place.

Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms

Second, aerial cleaning conditions
    1, climatic conditions; exterior cleaning must be in good weather conditions, the wind should be less than 4 grade. Therefore, the wind should be measured before the work, especially the high-altitude wind. In addition, rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and high temperature (35 ℃ above ) and low temperature (0 ℃ below ) and other conditions are not suitable for aerial cleaning.
    2. Personnel requirements: In order to implement the national security regulations to ensure the safety of workers and normal operation of equipment: aerial operator must be 18 years of age male citizens, and have passed physical examination and safety training and examination before operation, workers should not pre-job drinking, colds and other physical discomforts have to suspend aerial.
    3, equipment condition: exterior cleaning equipment must be in good working condition, where the hanging board has cracks, some strands gradually cracking phenomenon should be immediately replaced with new ropes.
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