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Useful maintenance methods from aerial lift vehicle supplier

Anson company is one of the largest aerial lift vehicle supplier in central China, mainly selling aerial vehicles covering 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 14 m, and other kinds of specifications aerial products, used in various industries such as maintenance, installation, cleaning, photography, shipbuilding, chemical, power, pruning, replacement of street light repair work and other projects, specified by the maintenance methods on a regular aerial vehicles to perform routine maintenance, which can effectively extend its service life.

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  1. Truck hydraulic oil use type, summer-46 #, winter-32 #, in cold northern climate area you can use low freezing -30 #;
  2. Aerial vehicles periodically check whether the oil tank bubbles and foam, bubbles deal with the inlet pipe leak, and foam phenomenon is related to hydraulic oil seepage;
  3. Check the aerial surge tank upper gauge to see whether any failure occurs ( oil pressure relief valve is not able to control the oil volume );
  4. Truck leaking pipe and fitting part (replaceable O -ring and gasket combination ), oil pump makes unusual noise, check the aerial inlet pipe clogged; clean the filter to ensure the smooth flow of the oil to get through;
  5. If the aerial arm fails, cleaning bidirectional hydraulic lock and two-way balancing valve; clean impurities in the valve body to see if it still can’t return to normal, and can’t work properly.
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